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Here’s our recap of our best stories of the week from the Colorado Politics staff.

COVER STORY Fantastic Four

Steve Fenberg, Lisa Kaufmann, Leslie Herod and Joe Neguse, co-founders of New Era Colorado and friends since they worked together in student government at the University of Colorado Boulder, are pictured in this undated photograph.

> COVER STORY | CU'S Fantastic Four: Classmates who joined Colorado's young generation of leaders

> INSIGHTS | Denver sprouts a 'Welcome to Weirdville' sign

> TRAIL MIX | Hancock is no stranger to mudslide runoffs

> COPO PODCAST: Denver mayoral race comes down to how choice is framed, say experts

> Denver mayor's race: Hancock, Giellis talk business in latest debate

9News Mayoral Debate 5-21-2019 (27 of 30).jpg

Mayoral candidates Michael Hancock and Jamie Giellis at the 9News/Colorado Politics mayoral debate on Tuesday, May 21, 2019.

> Giellis under fire for skipping Denver mayoral debates organized by minority leaders

> Denver mayoral candidates get testy in the latest debate (VIDEO)

> Denver mayor's race: Giellis accuses Hancock of 'culture of sexual harassment'

> Hancock, Giellis compare each other to Trump as Denver mayoral runoff heats up

> Q&A with Danny Katz | CoPIRG's point man aims to put 'safety and sanity first'

> Colorado Democrats in Congress get behind Trump impeachment inquiry to varying degrees

> Colorado opioid fight stretches from Denver to D.C.

> Greeley police cite ex-lawmaker Galindo following investigation

> Hickenlooper proposes gun licensing and safety tests

> Equal Pay for Equal Work Act becomes law in Colorado

> Denver ballot question would give voters a say on any future Olympic bid

> With a stroke of his pen, Polis aces full-day kindergarten

> TABOR author Douglas Bruce convicted on citations in Pennsylvania over decrepit bar

> A Colorado county's coroner picks up tab for employees' mental well-being

> Drilling to continue in Colorado; oil and gas proponents, opponents spar at state meeting

> Colorado among states suing over abortion denials

> Experts speak to ‘Common Sense’ about Colorado legislature, economy

> Neguse, DeGette pressure Pelosi on Trump impeachment

> Former Colorado lawmaker considers run for Congress against Jason Crow

> Hickenlooper delivers speech on national security (VIDEO)

> Will both of Colorado's 2020 candidates make it on stage in Miami? It's debatable

> CAPITOL M | A visit with Ireland's ambassador to the United States

> Polis signs bills to aid renters, seniors and Coloradans with disabilities

> Colorado ethics panel dismisses complaint against ex-Secretary of State Wayne Williams

> 2020 WATCH | Hickenlooper takes on Trump on ABC; Bennet touts public health option in Fortune

> Plans move ahead for new U.S. Space Command

> Will both of Colorado's 2020 candidates make it on stage in Miami? It's debatable

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