Denver Colorado State Capitol Building at Dusk

The Colorado state Capitol.

Here are highlights of this week's Colorado Politics coverage of the state legislature and the Polis administration.

> Colorado oil and gas bill passed, but the fight is far from over (VIDEO)

> Colorado legislature sends sweeping oil & gas bill to Polis

> Colorado legislature approves 'red flag' gun bill

> Colorado lawmakers reach agreement on transportation funding

> Petitions approved in recall bid against Greeley Democrat

> Polis unfolds 'roadmap' for cutting health-care costs

> Polis names new Colorado revenue chief

> Effort to increase college courses in Colorado high schools moves ahead

> Bill to expand driver's license program for undocumented immigrants clears 1st Colorado House panel

> State Senate advances bill to let more Coloradans form insurance co-ops

> Colorado Senate gives initial OK to equal pay bill

> Colorado bill to allow teen school-board voting fails

> El Paso County lawmakers sponsor bill to ban firefighting foam

> Polis signs electioneering communications bill into law

> Women rally at the Colorado Capitol for equal pay

> Polis signs bill allowing marijuana for child autism treatment

> Colorado Senate committee passes winter traction bill

> Bill to allow remote-notary services gets final OK in Colorado House, heads to Senate

> Amid broader budget debate, a modest proposal for more Colorado school funding advances

> Colorado Senate backs off on death penalty repeal (VIDEO)

> Colorado House committee passes anti-TABOR bill for schools, roads

> Bill opening Colorado police internal affairs files to public headed to Polis' desk

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