Colorado's political theater over guns is coming to a theater near you

Filmmaker Tom Donahue is shooting a documentary on gun violence in America at the Colorado Capitol.

Coming soon, all the political theater happening inside the Colorado State Capitol over gun legislation might end up in a theater near year.

"In October, when we started in the development phase of the documentary, we decided to focus on Colorado and the gun politics and the gun debate in Colorado itself," said Tom Donahue, who is directing a documentary on gun violence in America. "We've been shooting about 10 days every month since December."

Donahue has had cameras at the Capitol, following the debate over "red flag" gun legislation, from the Feb. 20 introductory news conference with state Rep. Tom Sullivan announcing House Bill 1177, to the multiple committee hearings and Friday's long Senate debate.

The bill, which would allow guns to be seized from people who are determined by a court to pose significant risk, won voice-vote approval in the Senate late Friday. After a final Senate vote, it will head back to the House, where an early version already passed, for approval of amendments.

Donahue previously directed "This Changes Everything," a documentary released in 2018 about sexism in Hollywood.

> CLICK HERE for more from 9News.  And WATCH the video above.


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