Colorado's legislature will be hearing 'rural voices' by the dozens this week


The other Colorado — the one that raises our corn and potatoes and beef and pork; the one that hosts a lot of our oil and gas exploration as well as our wind and solar farms; the one that comprises most of Colorado’s territory if not its population — will converge on the Capitol Thursday and Friday. Which is to say it’s time for the annual, “Voices of Rural Colorado” Joint Denver Legislative Visit, convened by the regional advocacy groups CLUB 20, Action 22 and Pro 15.

A press release announcing the rural summit says it offers:

… members from each organization the opportunity to engage in productive dialogue with legislators, cabinet members and department heads. Through presentations and panel discussions, attendees will learn about potential legislation that could impact citizens and communities in the rural regions of Colorado.

Club 20 Executive Director Christian Reece is quoted in the announcement:

“…As one voice for rural Colorado we think that we will be able to show that there IS unity in our state. When 59 of Colorado’s 64 counties band together, it’s going to be hard for state leadership not to listen.”

Hear that, pols?

In addition to meeting with elected and other officials in both branches of state government, the rural visitors also will hear panel discussions on drug pricing transparency efforts in Colorado; the nexus between education and economic development; broadband legislation and impacts to rural Colorado; urban water conservation and more.

And of course there will be networking reception — no legislative summit would be complete without one — 5 p.m. Thursday at the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce.

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