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Raul Sanchez, a Greeley welder, appears in an anti-Proposition 112 ad produced by Novitas Communications for Spirit of Colorado, an independent expenditure committee. The ad won a 2019 Reed for Best Spanish Language TV Ad – Ballot Initiative from Campaigns & Elections magazine.

Colorado political consulting firms recently won prestigious Reed Awards recognizing excellence in campaign work across the political spectrum during last year's elections.

Named for Stanley Foster Reed, the founder of Campaigns & Elections magazine, the annual awards are sponsored by the political journal in a plethora of categories, including direct mail, grassroots organizing and advertising across numerous platforms. They were handed out Feb. 21 at a conference in Austin, Texas.

Awards went to Colorado firms, Novitas Communications, RBI Strategies & Research, Boulder Strategies, and EIS Solutions and its sister company Ascent Media.

In addition, a national firm based in Virginia won a Reed Award for a humorous radio ad for Republican gubernatorial candidate Victor Mitchell.

As campaign vendors tool up for the 2020 election, Campaigns & Elections noted several trends, including the importance of longer digital creations, an edgy approach to creative boundaries and top-notch work from cash-poor campaigns.

Here are the Colorado winners:

In the category "Best Use of Display Advertising - Democratic," won for the Florida Democratic Party's voter turnout operation.

In the category "Best Online Fundraising Program - Democratic," won for New Jersey congressional candidate Mikie Sherrill's "Shattering the Status Quo," which helped propel the former Navy helicopter pilot to a seat in Congress.

In the category "Best Use of Data Analytics/Machine Learning in Online Fundraising," won for Sheerrill's data-driven digital fundraising effort.

In the category "Best Use of Email," won for a record-breaking email program behind Sherrill's campaign.

In the category "Best Spanish Language TV Ad - Ballot Initiative," Novitas Communications, Reel Politics and the Independence Institute won for "Raul Dice Votar No On 112," an ad opposing the unsuccessful Proposition 112 ballot measure to increase the required setbacks for oil and gas drilling operations. The ad, featuring a Greeley welder named Raul Sanchez, was produced for Spirit of Colorado, an independent expenditure committee.

In the category "Best Spanish Language Radio Ad," EIS Solutions and Ascent Media won for "Fernando Sergio," an ad produced for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Denver.

In the category "Best TV Ad For Public Affairs/Issue Advocacy Campaign – National," Ascent Media won for "Keep America Steel Strong," an ad featuring President Donald Trump fighting for the steel industry.

In the category "Best Fundraising Email Creative/Copy for Statewide Campaign - Non-Federal," Boulder Strategies won for "The Thing About Halftime."

In the category "Best Use of Automation or Personalization in Email - Democratic," Boulder Strategies won for a personalized email automation system called RMWP 5-Part Introduction Workflow.

In the category "Best Email Action Alert," Boulder Strategies won for "Ambassador Wolves," an alert for the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project.

In the category "Best Radio Ad For Independent Expenditure," RBI Strategies & Research won for "Opportunity," an ad paid for by independent expenditure committee Justice Colorado supporting Democratic attorney general candidate Phil Weiser.

In the category "Best Radio Ad for Gubernatorial," Virginia-based Go BIG Media won for "Tennis," an ad for Colorado Republican Victor Mitchell.

Go BIG Media also won in three other categories, including "Best Use of a Social Platform," "Best TV Ad for Statewide Candidate (Non-federal)" and "Best TV Ad That Never Saw the Light of Day."

See all the 2019 Reed Award winners here.

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