Nebraska flood

The Ruzicka family farm in Verdigre, Nebraska, was one of those devastated by recent flooding.

Historic flooding has been one more problem faced by Nebraska farmers, who also are battling low domestic commodity prices and trade-war tariffs on their exports this spring.

The Colorado Farm Bureau Foundation is offering some relief for the latter, with $20,000 in seed money. It hopes to raise other donations for agricultural producers in the neighboring state.

“While Colorado braced for impact from the ‘bomb cyclone,’ it was really our friends in Nebraska who suffered massive damage,” said Don Shawcroft, president of the Colorado Farm Bureau, in a statement Tuesday.

“Hearing of ranchers unable to get to their cattle, flooded fields, and demolished silos, sprinklers, and barns was truly heartbreaking.”

Others who would like to donate online through the Colorado Farm Bureau Foundation can visit its website by clicking here.

Cash or checks also can be sent to:

Colorado Farm Bureau Foundation

Attn: Disaster Fund

9177 E. Mineral Circle

Centennial, CO 80112

The $20,000 donation to the Nebraska Farm Bureau’s Disaster Relief Fund will be distributed directly to Nebraska farmers, ranchers and rural communities, the Colorado Farm Bureau said in a press release.

The Nebraska Department of Agriculture estimated the industry lost about $1 million a day during the worst of the floods, with significant losses in livestock, infrastructure and feed sources, "as well as total disruption to planting, impacting next year’s crops," the Colorado Farm Bureau said.

“This donation won’t solve any problems,” Shawcroft said. “However, it’s the right thing to do. I am extremely proud of our organization’s efforts. The Farm Bureau family shows up when others are in need.”

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