Both Colorado party chairs endorse anti-gerrymandering amendments


The wide support for the anti-gerrymandering amendments Y and Z on November’s ballot officially got wider Monday.

The party chairs for Colorado’s Democrats and Republicans endorsed amendments Y and Z.

Amendment Y would set up an independent commission to draw political boundaries for congressional districts. Amendment Z proposes the same for legislative districts. Both would give unaffiliated voters equal representation in the process, while filtering out commission members with a direct conflicts of interest.

The legislature unanimously put the measures on the ballot in May.

Colorado Republican Party leader Jeff Hays and Democratic counterpart Morgan Carroll released a joint statement Monday afternoon released by the group supporting the measure, Fair Maps Colorado:

“Colorado has long been a national role model for fair, secure elections. Proposed redistricting initiative ballot measures Amendments Y & Z continue in that tradition.

Passage of these measures would make Colorado the nation’s leader in implementing fair, good government redistricting. If citizens vote to pass both measures, Colorado will become the first state to have an equal number of Republicans, Democrats and unaffiliated voters on independent commissions that redraw legislative and congressional boundaries.

Amendments Y & Z would provide state constitutional protections against partisan and racial gerrymandering and would give Colorado a level of protection against partisan overreach, regardless of who holds the political reins.

These ballot measures also level the playing field so Colorado can have confidence that the commissions deciding on the maps for the state legislature and the U.S. Congress look like the people of Colorado, and the process they follow is fair, open and representative.

Colorado can make history in November. We can be proud that so many people have come together in a bipartisan manner to give an equal voice to Republicans, Democrats and unaffiliated voters in redrawing legislative and congressional boundaries.”

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