BEST OF THE WEEK | Mike Coffman's blues, Jared Polis looks ahead, wave of women


Here’s our recap of some of our best stories of the week from the Colorado Politics staff.

> COVER STORY | Coffman moves on from Congress and Trump

> INTERVIEW: Jared Polis talks economic incentives, net neutrality and turkey

> Poll finds unaffiliated voters in Colo. don’t like GOP or Trump

> Colorado transportation funding faces winding road ahead

> Newcomer Griswold plans a fast start as next secretary of state

> Colo. Secretary of State Wayne Williams leaves office as he entered: Building bridges

> Colo.’s election brought a wave of women, but the current was strongest for Democrats

> Colorado business leaders cheer defeat of ballot issues

> TRAIL MIX | Turning points (and an unsung song) were telling in 2018 election

> INSIGHTS | What this election meant in the scope of time

> Brianna Titone’s opponent concedes; Colo.’s first transgender legislator elected

> Polis’ election a milestone in decades-long campaign to normalize gay rights

> CAPITOL M | The 2019 General Assembly, by the numbers

> Q&A with Mike Kopp | ‘The advancement of ideas is the goal’

> Colorado turned blue, but will it last?

> Denver sheds a competitor on possible 2030 Winter Olympics bid

> Polis’ 1st controversy as governor-elect: His picks for education transition team

> FEC: Lawyers contributed nearly $4M to Colorado’s federal candidates during midterms

> Colorado voters set new record for midterm turnout

> State senator wants AG review of Hickenlooper’s Tesla connections

> Bennet proposes deal to store private crude oil in nation’s reserve

> Gun-control advocates see election as turning point in battle against NRA

> Rep. Jovan Melton on arrest controversy: ‘I’ve never tried to hide it’

> Cory Gardner on ‘Meet the Press’: Mueller probe is ‘going to continue’

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