Colorado state Rep. Vicki Marble

Colorado state Rep. Vicki Marble, R-Fort Collins

Republican state Sen. Vicki Marble of Fort Collins has suggested that parts of Colorado secede from the state in response to Democrats’ proposed oil and gas regulations.

Marble, a member of Senate GOP leadership as minority caucus chair, made her pro-secession comments on her Facebook page.

“My recourse is SECEDE,” Marble posted in response to a comment. “Boulder and Denver metro are so removed from the working man’s reality.”

In response to another comment suggesting recall elections against Democrats, Marble posted “SECEDE !!!”

Senate GOP spokesman Sage Naumann said Marble was unavailable for comment Friday.

Marble represents Senate District 23, an area in the heart of Colorado's oil and gas production territory that extends along Interstate 25 from the north Denver suburbs to east of Fort Collins and includes Windsor and Firestone.

The Greeley Tribune, following reports of Marble's Facebook comments, surveyed other northern Colorado officials on the matter. Four of the five Republican Weld County commissioners as well as state Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg, R-Sterling and Rep. Rochelle Galindo, D-Greeley, told the newspaper they do not support secession, the Tribune reported Saturday.

A secession movement in Northern Colorado failed in 2013. That breakaway effort was fueled by Republican anger over Democrats passing gun control legislation.

Senate Bill 181 has made its way through  state Senate committees and is scheduled to be taken up Tuesday by the full Senate.

The bill would redefine the mission of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission to place public health, safety and the environment above fostering or supporting the industry, which is the group’s current mission. And it would allow more control over industry operations by local communities.

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> Colorado oil and gas measure heads to full Senate

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