Colorado State of the State

Gov. Jared Polis delivers his State of the State address to lawmakers assembled at the State Capitol Tuesday.

Twelve days after the end of Colorado's 2023 legislative session, Gov. Jared Polis has signed 249 bills into law. 

After being signed, bills take effect in August, 90 days after the general assembly adjourns, unless otherwise specified in the bill. A full list of legislation signed this year can be found online by clicking here

Polis has until June 7 to sign, veto or let the bills passed this session become law without his signature. 

Here are all of the bills signed into law this week. 

House Bill 1213: Stop the bleed school training and kits

Requires the Department of Public Health and Environment to distribute bleed control kits and training materials to schools that request them. Signed on Monday. Read more about the bill here

Senate Bill 99: Special education funding

Requires and includes an appropriation of $40,203,671 to the Colorado Department of Education. Signed on Monday. Read more about the bill here

Senate Bill 287: Public school finance

The 2023 School Finance Act that sets funding levels for Colorado’s 178 school districts. Signed on Monday.

House Bill 1231: Math in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade

Requires educator training in math education, establishes a grant program to provide free enrichment and academic supports in math, and encourages schools to adopt strategies for improvement in math education. Signed on Monday. Read more about the bill here

Senate Bill 87: Teacher degree apprenticeship program

Creates the Teacher Degree Apprenticeship Program, and establishes a teacher apprenticeship authorization that allows program participants to be employed by a school or school district. Signed on Monday. 

House Bill 1060: Updates to State Forest Service tree nursery

Requires upgrades and improvements to the Colorado State Forest Service tree nursery in Fort Collins. Signed on Monday.

House Bill 1067: Family intervener program deafblind children

Creates the Family and Community Intervener Program in the Department of Human Services to support deafblind children and their families. Signed on Monday.

Senate Bill 39: Reduce child and incarcerated parent separation

Makes several changes to the dependency and neglect process for parents who are incarcerated in a state prison or local jail. Signed on Monday.

House Bill 1155: Advisement during custodial interrogation

Prohibits the court from admitting as evidence a statement made by the defendant unless the defendant received a statement of their Miranda Rights. Signed on Monday.

House Bill 1303: Protect against insurers' impairment and insolvency

Makes several changes to procedures relating to insolvent insurers, including adding health maintenance organizations to the Colorado Life and Health Protection Association. Signed on Monday.

House Bill 1217: Motor vehicles tows and crime victims

Requires the Transportation Legislation Review Committee to study the issue of nonconsensual towing of crime victims’ motor vehicles. Signed on Monday.

House Bill 1276: Scope of bridge and tunnel enterprise

Expands the scope of the Bridge and Tunnel Enterprise to include preventative maintenance projects on bridges in fair or good condition. Signed on Monday. 

House Bill 1246: Support in-demand career workforce

Creates two new programs to encourage the completion of credentials for specific occupations and provides funding for new short-term nursing programs. Signed on Tuesday. Read more about the bill here

House Bill 1012: Juvenile competency to proceed

Makes several changes to juvenile competency hearings. Signed on Tuesday. Read more about the bill here

House Bill 1074: Study workforce transitions to other industries

Requires the Department of Labor and Employment to commission a study on the skill transferability of workers in the oil and gas industry and in occupations facing disruption due to automation and technological development. Signed on Tuesday. 

Senate Bill 65: Career development success program

Increases overall funding for the Career Development Success Program and expands the number of programs and eligible students who can receive funding. Signed on Tuesday. 

House Bill 1212: Promotion of apprenticeships

Creates a pilot program in the Department of Labor and Employment to place apprenticeship navigators in two school districts to increase apprenticeship participation among graduating high school students. Signed on Tuesday. 

Senate Bill 205: Universal high school scholarship program

Creates the Universal High School Scholarship Program to provide scholarships to students for postsecondary education, apprenticeships, or training related to an in-demand, high-priority postsecondary pathway. Signed on Tuesday. 

House Bill 1261: No requirement for selective service higher education

Eliminates the requirement for males between the ages 17 and 26 to register for selective service in order to enroll in a state-supported institution of higher education. Signed on Tuesday. 

House Bill 1088: Veterans mental health session reimbursement program

Creates a program in the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs to reimburse mental health care providers for up to 26 sessions with veterans who have exhausted their federal veterans administration mental health benefits. Signed on Tuesday. 

House Bill 1236: Implementation updates to behavioral health administration

Delineates certain administrative responsibilities between the recently created Behavioral Health Administration and the Department of Human Services, and makes clarifications and modifications to the administration’s statute. Signed on Tuesday. 

Senate Bill 94: School transportation task force

Creates the Colorado School Transportation Modernization Task Force to report and make recommendations on school transportation barriers, funding, and workforce. Signed on Tuesday. 

Senate Bill 151: Sunset health equity commission

Continues the Health Equity Commission in the Department of Public Health and Environment, which is scheduled to repeal on September 1, 2023. Signed on Tuesday.  

Senate Bill 178: Water-wise landscaping in homeowners' association communities

Requires that homeowner’s associations (HOAs) allow the use of non-vegetative landscaping, and limits how community covenants may otherwise restrict xeriscaping by unit owners. Signed on Wednesday. Read more about the bill here

Senate Bill 266: Neonic pesticides as limited-use pesticides

Requires the Commissioner of Agriculture to adopt rules classifying neonicotinoid pesticides as limited-use pesticide. Signed on Wednesday. 

Senate Bill 253: Standards for products represented as compostable

Establishes standards for selling compostable products. Signed on Wednesday. 

Senate Bill 66: Advanced Industry Acceleration Programs

Extends the Advanced Industry Acceleration Programs in the Office of Economic Development and International Trade by ten years and a transfer of funds for the program by two years. Signed on Wednesday. 

Senate Bill 153: Sunset revised uniform law on notarial acts

Continues the regulation of notary publics by the Secretary of State, which is scheduled to repeal on September 1, 2023. Signed on Wednesday. 

Senate Bill 157: Sunset offender reentry and education programs

Continues the Work and Gain Education & Employment Skills Program in the Department of Corrections, which is scheduled to repeal on September 1, 2023. Signed on Wednesday. 

Senate Bill 160: Sunset continue community crime victims grant program

Continues the Community Crime Victims Grant Program in the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, which is scheduled to repeal on September 1, 2023. Signed on Wednesday. 

Senate Bill 264: Alcohol beverage festival participation

Specifies the number of permitted festivals in which a liquor licensee may jointly participate and modifies the permit fee and application timeline. Signed on Wednesday. 

Senate Bill 274: Water quality control fee-setting by rule

Updates the administration of water quality fees by the Department of Public Health and Environment. Signed on Wednesday. 

House Bill 1232: Extend housing toolkit time frame

Clarifies the dates by which the Department of Local Affairs must expend money transferred from the General Fund to various housing programs. Signed on Wednesday.  

House Bill 1042: Admissibility standards for juvenile statements

Makes juvenile statements inadmissible in court if law enforcement communicates untruthful information during interrogation; requires law enforcement to record all interrogations of juveniles; and requires the POST Board to train law enforcement officers on interrogating juveniles. Signed on Thursday. Read more about the bill here

Senate Bill 92: Agricultural producers use of agrivoltaics

Commissions grants and studies to evaluate the use of agrivoltaics and aquavoltaics. Signed on Thursday.

House Bill 1069: Study biochar in plugging of oil and gas wells

Creates a work group to study the use of biochar in plugging oil and gas wells. Signed on Thursday.

Senate Bill 187: Public utilities commission administrative fee setting transportation services

Authorizes the Public Utilities Commission to set fees for motor carriers and transportation network companies administratively. Signed on Thursday.

House Bill 1264: Update Livestock Health Act

Modifies the role of the Commissioner of Agriculture in relation to the inspection, testing, and quarantine of livestock during an infectious or contagious disease. Signed on Thursday. 

Senate Bill 59: State parks and wildlife area local access funding

Allows Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) to charge a fee of up to $2 on daily vehicle passes for access to state parks at the request of a local government. Signed on Friday.

House Bill 1036: Nontoxic bullet replacement hunting program

Creates a Nontoxic Bullet Pilot Program in Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Signed on Friday.

House Bill 1194: Closed landfills remediation local governments grants

Creates a grant program supporting closed landfills remediation. Signed on Friday. 

Polis also vetoed three bills this week: 

Senate Bill 256: Management of gray wolves reintroduction

Prohibits the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) commission from restoring gray wolves into an area if the U.S. Secretary of the Interior has not made final determination that the gray wolf population is a nonessential experimental population. Vetoed on Tuesday. Read more about the bill here

House Bill 1147: Driver's license examination reimbursement

Creates the Driver Education Voucher Program Enterprise to fund driver training and examinations, and requires anyone under the age of 21 to take a driver’s education course before the individual can get an instructional permit or driver license. Vetoed on Tuesday. Read more about the bill here

House Bill 1214: Procedure to apply for commutation of sentence

Details the application process for individuals seeking a commutation of a sentence from the Governor. Vetoed on Tuesday. 

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