Colorado State of the State

Gov. Jared Polis delivers his State of the State address to lawmakers assembled at the State Capitol Tuesday.

With two days left in Colorado's 2023 legislative session, Gov. Jared Polis has signed 179 bills into law. 

After being signed, bills take effect in August, 90 days after the general assembly adjourns, unless otherwise specified in the bill. A full list of legislation signed this year can be found online by clicking here

Here are all of the bills signed into law this week. 

Senate Bill 93: Increase consumer protections medical transactions

Makes several changes to consumer protections related to medical debt and self-pay medical care. Signed on Thursday. Read more about the bill here

Senate Bill 202: Wearing of Native American traditional regalia

Requires school districts and institutions of higher education to allow graduates to wear traditional Native American dress at a graduation ceremony. Signed on Thursday. Read more about the bill here

Senate Bill 4: Employment of school mental health professionals

Allows school districts to employ licensed mental health professionals who are not licensed by the Department of Education. Signed on Thursday. Read more about the bill here

House Bill 1099: Portable screening report for residential leases

Prohibits a landlord from charging a rental application fee if a prospective tenant supplies a portable tenant screening report. Signed on Thursday. 

Senate Bill 143: Retail delivery fees

Modifies the administration of retail delivery fees and creates an exemption from the fees for small and new businesses. Signed on Thursday. Read more about the bill here

Senate Bill 69: Requirements to operate a motorboat

Requires an individual be at least 14 years of age to operate a motorboat. Any motorboat operator ages 14 to 18 must also take a boating safety course and possess a boating safety certificate issued by the course provider. Signed on Thursday. 

Senate Bill 211: Federal Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978

Aligns state law with federal guidelines. Signed on Thursday. 

Senate Bill 162: Increase access to pharmacy services

Expands the responsibilities of pharmacy technicians in certain circumstances and allows pharmacies and pharmacists to receive reimbursement for administering vaccines to children. Signed on Thursday. 

Senate Bill 144: Prescription drugs for chronic pain

Allows health care providers to prescribe certain controlled substances to patients for the treatment of chronic pain. Signed on Thursday. 

Senate Bill 214: 2023-24 long bill

Provides for the payment of expenses of the executive, legislative, and judicial departments of the state of Colorado, and of its agencies and institutions, for and during the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2023. Signed on Monday. Read more about the bill here.

House Bill 1167: Reporting of emergency overdose events

Extends Good Samaritan immunity to persons reporting overdose events or seeking aid for the person who suffered the overdose. It also reduces the classification level for certain drug offenses where the person reports an overdose to an emergency responder. Signed on Monday. Read more about the bill here.

House Bill 1195: Automated pharmacy dispensing system

Authorizes prescription drug outlets to dispense certain prescriptions through automated pharmacy dispensing systems. Signed on Monday. Read more about the bill here.

House Bill 1183: Prior authorization for step-therapy exception

Establishes an exemption process from Medicaid’s step-therapy requirements. Signed on Monday. 

House Bill 1015: Taxation tobacco products remote retail sellers

Makes several adjustments and clarifications to the remittance of taxes on tobacco and nicotine products. Signed on Monday. 

House Bill 1030: Prohibit direct-hire fee health-care staff agency

Prohibits a health-care staffing agency from seeking compensation when a contracted employee is hired as a permanent employee to a health-care facility. Signed on Monday. 

House Bill 1204: Recovery residence discharge policy

Requires a certifying body, approved by the Behavioral Health Administration, to approve recovery residencies’ client discharge and transfer policies and to establish a grievance and appeals process. Signed on Monday. 

Senate Bill 180: Restore current pay periods for state employees

Repeals sections of statute that reference bi-monthly pay, a policy that was never implemented by the Department of Personnel and Administration. Signed on Monday. 

Senate Bill 183: Local government provision of communications services

Allows local governments to provide communication services without voter approval. Signed on Monday. 

Senate Bill 20: Timely certified death certificates

Changes the timeframe required for a funeral director to file a certificate of death from 5 days to 72 hours. Signed on Monday. 

Senate Bill 232: Unemployment insurance premiums allocation federal law compliance

Modifies unemployment insurance premiums and surcharges to bring the Employment Support Fund into federal compliance. Signed on Monday. 

Senate Bill 185: Sunset Noxious Weed Advisory Committee

Continues the State Noxious Weed Advisory Committee in the Department of Agriculture, which is scheduled to repeal on September 1, 2023. Signed on Monday. 

Senate Bill 156: Sunset private letter ruling and information letter

Continues the issuance of private letter rulings and information letters by the Department of Revenue, which is scheduled to repeal on September 1, 2023. Signed on Monday. 

Senate Bill 90: Uniform Commercial Code 2022 amendments

Enacts changes to the Colorado’s Uniform Commercial Code. Signed on Monday.

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