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Colorado Politics - WEEKEND ROUNDUP

COPO'S BEST OF THE WEEK | Election 2019 edition

Here’s our recap of our best stories of the last seven days from the Colorado Politics staff.

TABOR: What the future might look like after Tuesday's election

The Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights is what Governing magazine said in 2017 is the “lens through which Coloradans see” state politics. But how will voters see TABOR in 2020, or beyond?

What's next for sports wagering in Colorado

Colorado voters narrowly approved a referendum Tuesday legalizing sports wagering. But when will you be able to place your first bet on the Avalanche, Broncos, Nuggets or Rockies?


INSIGHTS | Proposition CC exposed the edges of Democratic reign

Joey Bunch: "Now I’m wondering if Colorado is all that blue. Is it as blue as a high country sky? Is it as blue as the governor’s favorite sneakers? Is it bluer than blue, sadder than sad? I don’t know anymore."

TRAIL MIX | Now that the vote is over, here comes the spin

Ernest Luning: "Success, as they say, has many parents."

ELECTION 2019 | Last night's winners and losers, according to the Colorado Politics staff

The votes are (mostly) counted for Election 2019, and for being an off-year election, the stakes were sure high last night.

INSIGHTS | Be nice to unaffiliated voters, for we hold the future

Joey Bunch: "The biggest wildcard in the next few elections is a wildcard like me, so you better be nice, Republicans and Democrats."


LYNN BARTELS | Cory Gardner's uphill battle for re-election

The emails attacking Colorado’s junior senator arrive on a regular basis. The tweets are much harsher.

Q&A with Henny Lasley | Taking on Big Marijuana

Marijuana has gone from counterculture to cash cow amid a wave of legalization. And that's all the more reason for teens to be wary, Henny Lasley tells us.