Stephanie Piko

Centennial Mayor Stephanie Piko

Centennial Mayor Stephanie Piko announced that she'll seek another term leading the fast-growing south Metro Denver city during an event Thursday evening.

Piko became the city's third mayor in 2018 after six years on the City Council, representing District 4, which covers the eastern portion of the city.

The election is Nov. 2.

Piko was a technology instructor for the Cherry Creek School District for 12 years before she became mayor and has served on a host of regional boards for parks, water quality and conservation efforts.

Centennial City Councilwoman Stephanie Piko announced Sunday she’s running for mayor of the suburban city. “As the next mayor of Centennial, I will continue to build on Centennial’s great foundation by implementing the plans that are in place to better connect our citizens,” Piko said at Centennial Center Park, surrounded by family and supporters.

Even as mayor, she has continued to chair the Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority and currently serves on the executive board treasurer for the Mile High Flood District.

“I am looking forward to the upcoming year. Centennial is celebrating its 20th birthday, and I am eager for us all to be back together soon,” Piko said in a statement Friday. “Campaigning for mayor will offer even more opportunities to reconnect with citizens and businesses and to find more ways of bringing our community together.”

Her campaign noted that Centennial continues to be a debt-free city that partners with the private sector to serve the community efficiently and effectively.

Piko advocated for Centennial’s FiberWorks network, which provided better broadband connectivity to public and private users.

Miller Hudson: "Since there is always good reason to think about the next election, Denver elects a new mayor in 2023. Republicans will not be a factor in a town that delivered 80% of its votes to Joe Biden. Yet all is not well in the Queen City of the Plains."

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