Geitner McKean

In this file photo, state Reps. Tim Geitner, right, and Hugh McKean talk during the first legislative day of the 73rd General Assembly at the Colorado state Capitol on January 13, 2021, in Denver. 

Gov. Jared Polis on Wednesday appointed Republican Rep.-elect Don Wilson of Monument to finish out the unexpired term of Republican Rep. Tim Geitner of Falcon.

Geitner, who represented House District 19 for two terms, chose not to run for a third term, stating in February he wanted to spend more time with his sons, who are home-schooled. He served as Assistant Minority Leader in the 2021 and 2022 sessions, but resigned in October.

House District 19 was renumbered as House District 20 by the redistricting commission. That change goes into effect Jan. 9, 2023 when the General Assembly convenes for the 2023 session. Wilson was elected to represent House District 20 on Tuesday.

A vacancy committee met in Colorado Springs on Oct. 31 to choose someone to finish out Geitner's term. However, while enough people showed up to the vacancy committee meeting to form a quorum, sources told Colorado Politics a handful refused to sign in, which prevented the committee from meeting the requirement for a quorum.

Polis' office noted in a news release Wednesday that the governor is required by Colorado law to make the appointment following the vacancy committee's failure to choose a replacement. The committee had 30 days following Geitner’s resignation — which was effective on Oct. 7 —  to select and appoint a new representative.

Wilson ran unopposed for the HD 20 seat. 

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