Dustin Zvonek

Dustin Zvonek

Dustin Zvonek said Monday he's raised more than $90,000 to back his bid for the at-large seat on the Aurora City Council since getting in the race in February.

Moreover, he finished the campaign finance reporting period with almost $84,000 still in hand.

He is one of five candidates seeking two at-large seats with Adam Fung, Becky Hogan, Danielle Jurinsky and John Ronquillo.

Only one Aurora City Council member signed up to defend their open seat in November

“I am honored to have received such a wide base of support for my candidacy in the first three months of the race, as it will ensure my campaign has the resources necessary to run an effective, issue focused campaign into the fall," Zvonek said in a statement as he released his fundraising total. "This election is about the future of Aurora. I am deeply concerned that if we don’t prioritize making our community safer, our city more open and welcoming to small businesses and focus on the issues that matter most to our citizens and our communities, the future potential of this great city could be in real jeopardy.

He said he believed his "unmatched grassroots campaign" had set a fundraising record for the Aurora council races.

His fundraising is notable given the City Council put caps on donations last year — $400 for ward candidates and a maximum of $1,000 for all city races in the cycle.

The small business owner is a former congressional and legislative aide, and he currently serves on the Aurora Citizens Advisory Budget Committee.

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