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District 4 incumbent Yolanda Avila, center, celebrates with her family after early results in the Colorado Springs City Council election showed her leading Tuesday, April 6, 2021, during a watch party at the Club Tilt & Grill. Pictured with Avila are her granddaughter Auryell Garcia, left, daughter Dulce Garcia, right, and partner Leroy Rivera.

Three new Colorado Springs City Council members and three incumbents won the six district races in Tuesday elections, early returns showed.

The upset came in District 2, the northern portion of the city, with retired Air Force Col. Randy Helms winning over incumbent Councilman Dave Geislinger, who ran unopposed four years ago.

“I am very proud of the campaign that we ran,” Helms said.

The other new faces are, based on early results, retired physician assistant Dave Donelson in District 1 and executive coach Nancy Henjum, in District 5, returns as of 11:55 p.m. Tuesday showed. Both were running for open seats in highly competitive races.

Incumbents Council President Richard Skorman, Councilwoman Yolanda Avila in District 4 and Councilman Mike O’Malley will keep their seats.

The newly elected council members will join a nine-member board and help shape decisions about affordable housing, growth management, parks, wildfires, pandemic recovery and other issues over the next four years.

The new officials will be sworn in April 20, and the council will choose a president to lead them.

The balance of the council stayed largely the same with Henjum winning Jill Gaebler’s seat, who seemed similarly minded. More conservative Councilmen Don Knight and Andy Pico have been replaced with seemingly like-minded Councilmen Dave Donelson and Mike O’Malley in District 1 and District 6, respectively.

District 1

Jim Mason - 2,971

Michael Seeger - 1,399

Glenn Carlson - 5,518

Dave Donelson - 9,129

District 2

Jay Inman - 2,530

David Noblitt - 2,108

Dave Geisliner - 4,786

Randy Helms - 5,651

District 3

Henry McCall - 608

Richard Skorman - 9,580

Arthur Glynn - 3,052

Olivia Lupia - 2,846

District 4

Regina English - 2,175

Yolanda L. Avila - 3,478

District 5

Nancy Henjum - 5,666

Matt Zelenok - 2,060

Karlie Van Arnam - 1,918

Justin James-Fletcher Hermes - 1,745

Mary Elizabeth Fabian - 3,878

District 6

Garfield Johnson - 3,987

Mike O'Malley - 6,394

Ballot Issue 1

Shall Section 7-90 (c) of the Charter of the City of Colorado Springs be amended to allow ballot titles for tax or bonded debt increases to exceed thirty (30) words?

Yes - 53,886

No - 27,877

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