Gov. Jared Polis announced Tuesday that his administration is accepting applications for the UC regent seat that Chance Hill vacated last week.

Gov. Jared Polis announced on Tuesday that his administration will accept applications for the University of Colorado Board of Regents seat left vacant when Chance Hill, who represented the 5th Congressional District, tendered his resignation last week.

“We’re going to be accepting applications through Dec. 6 to get the best, brightest and most passionate applicants possible to make the University of Colorado and UCCS an even more amazing place,” Polis said.

Application is open to anyone currently residing in the 5th Congressional District, the governor said.

The position will typically require a time commitment of 10-15 hours a week — more if serving as chair of the board, state officials said. Two days should be set aside for board meetings and other university business, and the regent will be expected to visit the campus and get to know the staff and students.

“It’s going to take up some time, and it’s not a paid position,” Polis said. “But you do get free box seats at the Buffaloes' games.”

The ideal candidate would have some connection to the university and a passion for its work, Polis said. Experience in the business sector and/or the military is also a plus.

“Maybe you’re an alumni of UCCS, or CU Boulder or CU Denver,” he said. “Maybe you went to grad school there, or your kids went there … some connection and passion for the work the University of Colorado system does, both as a place to educate the next generation of kids and also as an economic engine for Colorado Springs, the Denver metro area and the Boulder area.”

The new regent will serve in the position through Nov. 8.

“Then, assuming they like the job, they’ll run for another six-year term,” he said.

The next 5th district regent will play a significant role in shaping the university’s future, Polis said. 

“The board is actually picking the next president of CU, and this person will be involved with that,” he said. “You can be a part of something really special.”

To apply for the position, visit www.colorado.gov/governor/boards.

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