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Attorney General Phil Weiser, with Gov. Jared Polis and other elected Democratic leaders, discusses the security and trustworthiness of the U. S. Postal Service during a press conference on Monday, Aug. 17, 2020, at the Denver Elections Division.

A Denver entrepreneur will pay $62,500 regarding  allegedly false claims about the manufacturing process of his hand sanitizer, Attorney General Phil Weiser’s office announced.

According to a settlement agreement between the state and Cole Evans, Evans and his companies began manufacturing sanitizer under a “Handzfree” label in March. Websites for the product indicated that Evans' businesses owned and operated manufacturing facilities, were a “trusted contract manufacturing partner” for other household brands, and had regular audits of their facilities.

None of that was true, contended Weiser’s office.

“Evans falsely represented to potential purchasers that his hand sanitizer would be manufactured at Oralabs, a Colorado company that is FDA approved and ... certified to manufacture hand sanitizer. Oralabs did not manufacture hand sanitizer that was sold by Respondents,” the agreement reads.

Evans stipulated that he believed he did have an agreement with Oralabs, and that he had no knowledge of the inaccurate information a third party wrote on the corporate website.

As part of the settlement for alleged violations of the Colorado Consumer Protection Act, Evans will ensure that his hand sanitizer is manufactured and sold according to federal regulations, and refrain from making misleading claims.

Weiser’s office reported that money from the settlement, which is not an admission of Evans’s guilt, will go toward future enforcement of consumer protections, reimbursement of the state’s costs and consumer education.

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