A teenager is in custody in connection with a shooting that left six Aurora Central High School students injured.

The Nov. 15 shooting was the first of two incidents involving gunfire near Aurora schools in less than a week. A total of nine students were injured. 

Police said the suspect is a 15-year-old boy, but they have yet to release his name. He is being held on suspicion of first-degree attempted murder, according to a release from the Aurora Police Department.

Police said the boy was arrested Monday night after being identified as the driver of the Chrysler 300 associated with the shooting. 

"This is just the beginning of arrests!" Aurora police Chief Vanessa Wilson wrote on Twitter Tuesday afternoon. "If you were involved, we are coming for you."

The shooting happened around 1 p.m. Nov. 15 at Nome Park, which is across from Aurora Central High School. All six victims of the shooting are expected to survive, police said. 

They include four boys, ages 14, 16, 17 and 18 and two girls, ages 15 and 16.

Dakota Newland and Taniyah Moore, both ninth graders at Aurora Central High School, told The Denver Gazette last week they were used to hearing gunshots near the school.

“It’s just the area,” Moore said. "It’s the area and the people that live around it.”

Investigators believe there were at least two other people involved in the shooting and are searching for answers. They have asked anyone with information to call the Metro Denver Crime Stoppers at 720-913-7867. A reward of $7,000 is available for information.

Just a few days later on Friday, three other children were injured in a shooting in the parking lot of Hinkley High School in Aurora. Two of the people shot were students at Hinkley, while the third attended APS Avenues, officials said. 

Three 16-year-old boys have been arrested in connection to the Hinkley shooting.

Police said on Tuesday evening that there is no evidence connecting the two shootings. They confirmed the Hinkley shooting had ties to a local gang. Previously,

Wilson said during a press conference on Friday that the shootings happened after an apparent fight. She pleaded with parents to stay aware of their children's activity online because of suspicions they may be able to acquire guns through social media.

"These are our kids that are shooting one another. We have disrespect and no concern for life whatsoever," Wilson said. "I need the parents to get involved, I Need you checking phones, I need you checking rooms, I need you checking cars and making sure they're taking these guns away from kids."

At the time of Friday's shooting, Wilson was en route to a peaceful march at Kenton Elementary School in response to the Nome Park shooting. The march was canceled after news of Friday's shooting. 

Parent Daniel Younge, whose 16-year-old daughter attends Hinkley, said the shootings make him want classes to return online.

"I want them to go back online if this is going to keep happening. If this is going to be a recurring thing, I'm going to be upset with it, especially if mine gets hurt," Younge said. 

Hinkley student Angela Flores, a junior, said the recent shootings have her nervous about returning from the holiday break. 

"I'm worried," Flores said. "What if we come back and they do it again? It is kind of nerve wracking (to think) about coming back."

Covan Forbes, a freshman at Hinkley, told The Denver Gazette he believed the shooting were tied to gang activity in the area. 

"There's a lot of gang activity in Aurora and a lot of gang activity at this school," He said. "That's the reason why it happened, I'm pretty sure."

Wilson said the recent shootings has impacted the community and everyone should trying to find a resolution to the problem.

"Obviously we were all shaken by what happened on Monday. As we're driving to a peace march we have another," she said. "I'm very frustrated and I think everyone in the community should be very angry."


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