DENVER, CO - APRIL 17: The eastbound RTD University of Colorado A Line train pulls away from the Central Park Station on Smith Road on April 17, 2020 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo By Kathryn Scott)

The money the Regional Transportation District has been saving to construct the long-anticipated train line to Boulder may be directed to other needs, as CPR reports that a majority of directors support the reallocation.

“I'm not interested in what we're committed to building — a $1.5 billion train — I'm interested in giving people transportation today. People who need to get to work. People who need to get to the doctor,” said Director Kate Williams, District A, at a board of directors session on Tuesday.

The FasTracks project, which began in 2004, is responsible for the Flatiron Flyer bus service, the University of Colorado A Line to the airport and the W Line light rail to Golden, among other projects.

“RTD continues to look for ways to move the rest of the Northwest Rail Line to Boulder and Longmont forward as funding becomes available,” the agency maintains on the project’s webpage.

However, a 2014 report on mobility options for the northwest metro area found that an “Arterial [bus rapid transit] program is a viable, cost effective way to increase mobility within the Northwest Area” compared to a rail line. “Given the projected timing of Northwest Rail’s implementation, Northwest stakeholders want to see mobility benefits sooner.”

RTD directors whose districts include the proposed rail line opposed the redirection of funds, CPR noted. Other directors suggested using the money for related projects in the corridor or for boosting the agency’s reserves amid the pandemic.

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