Deputies receive medal of valor

Seven deputies of the Denver Sheriff's Department were awarded the Medal of Valor on Thursday. 

Seven members of the Denver County Sheriff's Office were awarded the Medal of Valor on Thursday for their roles in capturing an inmate who attempted to escape while being transported to another facility in September.

Authorities say that Damian Lynch, 24, attempted to escape custody by running through a drainage tunnel on the morning of Sept. 2, while being transported from the Downtown Detention Center to the Denver County Jail. 

"After several heart-wrenching minutes, they emerged with the attempted escapee back in the custody of the Denver Sheriff Department," Denver County Sheriff Elias Diggins said. "Their actions were swift, courageous and selfless in the face of unknown danger. For these valiant acts, they are herby each awarded the Denver Sheriff Department Valor of Honor."

Lynch allegedly went into a dark unlit drainage tunnel adjacent to Cherry Creek that was knee high in dirty water, but deputies pursued the man and brought him back into custody. 

Diggins said Lynch was being held for multiple charges including attempted murder.

In addition to the Medal of Valor received during the ceremony at the Downtown Detention Center, Murphy Robinson, the executive director of the Department of Public Safety, awarded the deputies the public safety director coin of special recognition.

"I personally was in the field with you when you conducted yourselves with professionalism, with poise, but also with tactical excellence when you were able to keep your city and county safe, while maintaining the safety of your inmates," Robinson said at the celebration. 

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