Denver Auxiliary Shelter For Women Opens At Coliseum

The City of Denver opened a 300-bed women's auxiliary shelter on Monday, April 20, 2020, with plans to run it in the same way as a similar men's shelter at the National Western Complex. Anyone seeking shelter there will be screened for coronavirus symptoms before entering. Once inside they'll have access to cots, portable showers, medical triage and other amenities.

The Salvation Army is taking over leadership at a homeless shelter operation taking place at the Denver Coliseum. 

Denver's Department of Housing Stability will work in partnership with the Salvation Army to assist at least 300 men each night who are experiencing homelessness.

In the event the Coliseum at 2222 Lawrence St. gets full, officials say they have an overflow room that will house an additional 75 individuals.

"We're extremely grateful for our partner service providers because together, we're working to find and provide solutions and options for house experiencing homelessness in Denver," said Mayor Michael Hancock.

"I want to thank The Salvation Army for taking on this expanded role at the Coliseum. They and other partner agencies are the boots on the ground, making sure our most vulnerable residents have a safe place indoors during this pandemic."

Along with the beds provided each night, anyone staying at the Coliseum will be given access to health services, showers, laundry and connections to case management and housing options. 

Those utilizing the facility are also screened for COVID-19 before being permitted into the building. 

Before The Salvation Army took over as the lead organization for the site, it was led by the Denver Rescue Mission.

"The Salvation Army is grateful for the opportunity to expand our services again to serve our most vulnerable neighbors," said Major Mike Dickinson, The Salvation Army Intermountain Divisional commander.

"We're now housing up to 1,700 people in Denver every night, and we couldn't do it without the support from our community and the City and County of Denver. "

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