sullivan gateway

The Sullivan Gateway at City Park in Denver, Colo. following a $4.7-million, multi-year restoration project. 

Denver Parks and Recreation has finished its multi-year restoration and enhancement of the Sullivan Gateway, a century-old gateway to the entrance of City Park.

Sullivan Gateway, built in 1917, marks the south entry of the City Park. The gateway includes 300-foot terra cotta walls, lion-head fountains and 40-foot freestanding sculptures on columns that represent early Colorado agriculture and mining endeavors.

The gateway was listed as an endangered place by Colorado Preservation Inc. in 2013, with Parks and Recreation Executive Director Happy Haynes saying it “had fallen into disrepair.”

“The restoration of this landmark structure exemplifies our commitment to preserving Denver’s legacy by providing beautiful places for people to enjoy,” Haynes said.

When it was first built, the Sullivan Gateway was part of an effort to beautify Denver through its parks, statues and buildings. However, prior to the restoration, the gateway had developed holes, water damage and had plants growing out of it.

The first phase of the $4.7-million restoration project began in 2017, including refurbishing the lion-head fountains, adding new mechanical and electrical work and rehabilitating the terra cotta wall adjacent to the fountains.

The final phases of the project completed last week restored the remaining terra cotta walls and improved the surrounding landscape.

The restoration project was funded in part by a $200,000 State Historical Fund Grant from History Colorado and a $1,500 donation from the East Angel Friends and Alumni Foundation and the DPR Capital Improvement Fund.


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