Joe Biden and Michael Huttner

Both current president Joe Biden and progressive advocate Michael Huttner had more hair when they met for a picture in 1995.

Michael Huttner, the erstwhile driver of Colorado's political conversation on the left, has a new partnership with Culture of Giving Back to create a nationwide network of experts to advise donors and raise money for "high-impact" causes and organizations.

He's not the only Colorado bold-faced name in the venture. The Huttner Group is working with Sadie (Hansen) Baker, Culture of Giving Back's founder.

She's worked extensively in Colorado politics for a decade, raising millions, as well as working for a Washington, D.C.-based polling and research firm.

Baker is the immediate past director of the Colorado Democracy Alliance, and the former development director for ProgressNow Colorado.

Huttner, of course, is the veteran operative who started ProgressNow Colorado and expanded the idea of such progressive advocacy organizations to other states, as well.

He is the past chief executive of Fenton, the global social change agency.

“We want to empower leaders to be able to raise money for themselves long after we are gone and advise donors who want to invest in a way that makes real change," Huttner said in a statement. "With the new administration, the time is now to build for long-term success and progress.”

They will help those looking to donate to put their money in the best place to meet their goals, as well as help organizations grow their donor base, develop big-donor strategies and deepen their relationship with investors and boards.

“I am excited to expand our capacities in advising donors on how to successfully navigate the landscape,” Baker stated. “We help collaborate with donors and organizations to find the projects that are the best fit to make a real impact. Our unique approach connects the head and the heart of each donor to successfully meet their goals. We deliver personalized and confidential service that people expect from their professional advisers.”

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