Your Vote Counts

The Colorado Working Families Party announced its first slate of endorsements for nonpartisan city council and school board races.

The list of endorsed candidates are:

  • Randy Moorman, Arvada City Council Ward 1
  • Adam Fung, Aurora City Council at-large
  • John Ronquillo, Aurora City Council at-large
  • Crystal Murillo, Aurora City Council Ward 1
  • Marques Ivey, Aurora School Board
  • Scott Esserman, Denver School Board at-large
  • Jeslin Shahrezaei, Lakewood City Council Ward 1
  • Rebekah Stewart, Lakewood City Council Ward 3
  • Christopher Arlen, Lakewood City Council Ward 4
  • Tom Keefe, Lakewood City Council Ward 5
  • Roberta Ayala, Thornton City Council Ward 2
  • Kate Miya, Thornton City Council Ward 3

“In school boards and city councils, we’re building a political movement that works for the many and not just the wealthy, privileged, and powerful few,” Wendy Howell, the organization's state director, said in a statement. “Not only is it essential that the voices of the people shape critical local decision-making, but electing progressive champions to local offices today also means progressive champions in the state legislature and in Congress tomorrow.”

The Working Families Party said it stands for "building a multiracial, multigenerational, and feminist movement of working people to transform America." The Colorado chapter of the national network started in 2017.

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