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Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport reached another “significant” contractual milestone in the scaled-back $770 million plan to complete its Great Hall terminal renovation, airport officials announced Monday. 

The latest project development is part of Phase One of the Great Hall terminal renovation and the second milestone to be completed ahead of schedule since DIA’s costly split with its original general contractor of the project — Great Hall Partners — who officials replaced with Hensel Phelps Construction Co. in late 2019. 

“When [DIA] entered into the contract with Hensel Phelps to complete the first phase of the Great Hall Project, we developed several key milestones to track progress and ensure we are staying on schedule,” airport CEO Kim Day said earlier this year.

The second milestone of constructing the Central Monitoring Facility, or the area where airport security personnel surveil baggage and work with the Department of Homeland Security, is now largely complete. The 4,100 square feet of space, built by Denver-based Gilmore Construction, features new offices, control and monitoring rooms, a conference room and a break room.

The first checkpoint, which was met in July, was the installation of the steel for the new airline ticketing pods on Level 6. The next will be the completion of the ticketing pods in the third quarter of 2021. 

Day has repeatedly committed to not exceeding the $770 million overall budget. The airport executive’s pledge has meant that, after paying hundreds of millions to the former developer on the project and allocating nearly $355 million total for Phase One, only $170 million remains for Phase Two, meaning plans have since been curtailed.

Denver airport’s Great Hall project to be curtailed due to cash constraints

On Dec. 7, the Denver City Council approved the updated plans and a $170 million contract amendment with Hensel Phelps to advance Phase Two of the project. While Phase One creates new modern ticketing pods for United and Southwest Airlines, Phase 2 focuses primarily on enhancing security, including relocating the south security checkpoint from Level 5 to Level 6 and adding five security lanes with room to install “more efficient” technology. 

“When complete, the project will deliver a safer, more efficient Great Hall that serves as a warm welcome to Denver, keeps up with passenger demand, and leaves a lasting impression for all passengers and visitors,” officials maintain.

The Great Hall Project is scheduled to be complete by mid-2024. 

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