Denver International Airport - DIA

Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport’s revenues reached an estimated $33.5 billion in 2018, representing 28% growth from five years ago. Since 2013, the airport’s payroll has also increased by 29%.

The findings came from the Division of Aeronautics’ 2020 Statewide Aviation Economic Impact Study, which will not be released publicly until April. The last review occurred in 2013.

Colorado has 74 public-use airports, and DIA’s 31.4 million passengers represent 94% of commercial airline passenger traffic in the state. The next-busiest airport is in Colorado Springs, with traffic totaling under 900,000 passengers annually.

Denver’s airport is the fifth-busiest in the nation.

“Combined, Colorado’s aviation system supports over 265,000 jobs, generating nearly $37 billion of economic impact,” wrote aeronautics director David Ulane in the 2019 annual report. The aeronautics division is part of the Colorado Department of Transportation.

DIA’s economic impact will only continue to climb, as the airport announced in December that it is accepting proposals for the first parcel of 16,000 acres of land that the airport’s real estate division plans to turn into a “global gateway.”

“We are excited about the opportunity to redefine the idea of an airport,” said Darryl Jones, the chief real estate officer. “We are looking into the future and creating an innovative, sustainable commercial community that will support the airport and the surrounding cities.”

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