Denver skyline

The Denver skyline in early August 2021.

Records in Denver reached an all-time high for a second consecutive day and could get warmer throughout Friday. 

Temperatures reached 94-degrees shortly after noon, which broke the previous record of 93 degrees that was set in 2018, according to the National Weather Service. 

Although the record has already been toppled, temperatures will continue to rise, possibly into triple-digits before Fridays end. 

"With a few more hours of warming yet to go, Denver may reach (100 degrees)," officials with the National Weather Service wrote on Twitter shortly after noon.

Denver's sudden heat wave is being caused by a ridge of high pressure that is hovering over the Centennial State. Traditionally this ridge is above Colorado throughout the summer months, but due to the monsoonal rains this year, it wasn't as prevalent, said David Barjenbrush, a meteorologist with the weather service on Wednesday.

"It usually resides over the western U.S. for most of the summer, but we had a lot of the monsoonal moisture, so now it's kind of come back and taken over," Barjenbrush said. 

On Thursday, a record high of 96 degrees was set and broke a 27-year-old record. Ironically, on Sept. 9, 2020, Denver set a record low of 31-degrees.

These temperatures are well above normal as highs range between the mid to upper 80s in early September and gradually decrease as the month moves on, said Barjenbrush.

Warmer than normal temperatures will persist in metro Denver throughout the weekend with some cooling coming on Tuesday. 

Overnight conditions will be much different as temperatures are expected to drop into the mid-50s. 


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