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Denver suspended enforcement of its parking meters amid the coronavirus outbreak. 

Denver on Monday began enforcing some of its parking restrictions that had been put on hold as the city entered stay-at-home orders to slow the spread of the coronavirus in March.

Parking meters in downtown Denver will be turned on and operating between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., meaning parkers will be required to pay the meters between those hours.

Parking meters outside of the downtown area were also turned back on as of June 1 and operate according to price and time limits posted on the meters. Enforcement of time-limited, non-metered parking, as well as residential parking, resumed as well.

As of May 15, the city's parking fines were down nearly 18%, or about $1.2 million, year to date, according to Heather Burke, spokesperson for the city's Joint Information Center. The city's parking meter revenues were down nearly 35%, or about $1.3 million.

The latest financial data was not immediately available.

Beginning in July, the city will resume its enforcement of parking restrictions for street sweeping, which “keeps dirt and debris out of our air and water and prevents the clogging of storm sewer inlets that creates localized flooding issues,” the city said in the news release.

Enforcement of 72-hour parking limits also will resume as of July 1.

Denver’s transportation department first changed its parking rules about a week after Mayor Michael Hancock declared a local state of emergency March 12 in response to increasing cases of COVID-19 across Colorado.

The pause in enforcement was intended to not only be a courtesy to residents who are working from home and may be parked in a location with restrictions, but also to people who might be sick or quarantined and unable to move their car.

The city will continue to suspend its enforcement until further notice of the following:

  • Large vehicle parking: Until further notice, residents can park trucks and other vehicles more than 22’ in length on the street in non-residential areas 
  • School bus loading zones: No enforcement will occur until school is back in session. 
  • Booting: Cars will not be booted until further notice 
  • Street paving:  Amid the economic impacts of COVID-19, the city will refrain from issuing citations to people whose cars need to be towed for street paving operations until further notice. Residents are asked to make every attempt to move their cars so that this work can occur. Cars left on the street when work begins will be moved, normally within a two-block radius of where the car was parked. Residents who need help locating their cars can call the city’s non-emergency line at 720-913-2000 for assistance

For the most recent information on the city’s COVID-19 response, visit Denvergov.org/covid19

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