The Salvation Army Crossroads Shelter at 1901 29th St. off Brighton Boulevard in Denver. (Google Maps Street View)

The Salvation Army Crossroads Shelter at

Denver is purchasing a Salvation Army homeless shelter for $10.5 million, according to a release Friday.

Not much will change yet for the 400 homeless men the Crossroads shelter in the River North area currently serves nightly, as the city plans on leasing the shelter to the Salvation Army for three years during the transition.

“The city’s purchase of Crossroads is critical to ensuring our residents experiencing homelessness have the support from our community to be healthy, housed and connected to the services they need,” Mayor Michael Hancock said.

“Our approach will continue to be one of compassion and dignity for our most vulnerable residents, and we’re proud to continue our partnership with The Salvation Army in driving towards a supportive care system that addresses individual needs and experiences," he said.

The city has been developing a plan to prioritize helping the homeless which kicked off with Hancock's creation of a new department for that purpose.

The announcement of the new department came in April after an auditor reported that the city's “fragmented” approach to homeless services and prevention was ineffective.

"As we continue to consolidate investments, programs, and projects into the new Department of Housing Stability, we are working to ensure that while building a comprehensive approach to address the needs of the community, we are not sacrificing existing services for those in need today," said Chief Housing Officer Britta Fisher.

The agreement will now head to a city council committee next week before moving on to the full council.

If approved, the sale will close by the end of September.

“This opportunity to work with the City and County of Denver gives The Salvation Army a unique ability to make a dramatic difference in the lives of people and families experiencing homelessness,” said Major Mike Dickinson, the Salvation Army’s divisional commander. “We are committed to be there for our Denver neighbors in need, and will continue to provide service, love and support for them.”

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