E-scooters on a side walk in Denver's Capitol Hill Neighborhood.  4 scooters, 3 standing 1 knocked down.

E-scooters on a side walk in Denver's Capitol Hill neighborhood.

The Denver City Council will consider an ordinance change to ban electric scooters from sidewalks at its Monday night meeting.

If approved, scooters could only be used on streets or in designated bike lanes, not on city sidewalks.

Previously, the law allowed for an exception when the speed limit of the closest street was higher than 30 mph and there were no bike lane. The proposal would close that exception.

"This proposed ordinance reconciles city ordinance language with new state law, and also adjusts the rules on where the vehicles can be ridden to mirror bicycle/e-bicycle rules," the ordinance request states. "Specifically, scooters will not be permitted to be ridden on sidewalk except in very limited circumstances (e.g. when parking or disembarking)."

Under the proposed change, law enforcement will be able to issue citations to those using scooters on sidewalks.

The change comes soon after Denver's first fatality caused by an accident involving an electric scooter. Cameron Hagan died Aug. 4, after police say he was thrown from his scooter into oncoming traffic.

The meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m. Monday and will be held at the Denver City & County Building.

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