Valor on the Fax

A rendering of the Valor on the Fax, a 72-unit supportive housing project for people experiencing chronic homelessness set to be constructed at 7900 E. Colfax Ave.

The Denver City Council unanimously approved several resolutions Monday night, providing more than $15.6 million to fund support and housing programs for residents experiencing homelessness.

The resolution contracts, passed in a joint 13-0 vote, were administered by Denver’s Department of Housing Stability.

“All along throughout our COVID response efforts, we have taken needed steps to advance the city’s approach to making Denver more affordable and accessible for all, while improving the safety net for our unhoused neighbors,” HOST Executive Director Britta Fisher said.

“We look forward to bringing many more contracts and partnerships forward in the weeks ahead.”

One of the resolutions passed provided a loan of more than $1.4 million to Brothers Redevelopment Inc. for the construction of Valor on the Fax, a 72-unit supportive housing project for people experiencing chronic homelessness in Denver’s District 5.

In addition to focusing on homeless residents, Valor on the Fax is also intended to provide housing and support for people who have suffered brain injuries.

Valor on the Fax will be located on city-owned land at 7900 E. Colfax Ave., with construction scheduled to begin in the coming weeks.

All units in the four-story building will be reserved for residents who make up to 30% of the area median income, $21,000 for a single-person household. Of the 72 units, 47 will be one-bedrooms, 19 will be two-bedrooms and six will be three-bedrooms.

The $1,440,000 loan will be forgiven after 99 years of affordable housing performance compliance.

The Council also approved a $1 million contract with Brothers Redevelopment to provide supportive housing services to residents of Valor on the Fax through 2038. These services will include assisting those transitioning out of homelessness.

In addition to Valor on the Fax, the Council approved nearly a dozen contracts providing funding for homeless shelters, transitional housing and financial assistance programs.

These contracts included over $1 million for the Colorado Village Collaborative’s tiny home villages in the Globeville and Cole neighborhoods and over $2 million for the Delores Project’s emergency shelter for women and transgender individuals.

The organizations Colorado Health Network, Volunteers of America and Mental Health Center of Denver received over $6 million in funding for supportive housing services including rental assistance.

The St. Francis Center, Volunteers of America, Bluff Mercy, Burgwyn Residential Management Services and U.S. Motels received nearly $4 million for homeless shelter services, housing subsidies and storage services.


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