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Photo courtesy of the University of Colorado Denver. 

The Auraria Campus established a community advisory board with the Auraria Campus Police Department to enhance partnership and public safety, the campus announced Tuesday.

The advisory board will make recommendations related to training, campus issues, community outreach programs and policy development to ensure that public safety aligns with campus community best practices.

Katelynn Dugan, Auraria Higher Education Center chief of staff, called the advisory board “an effort to continue to foster an environment that promotes diversity, equity and inclusion.”

Board members will include students, faculty, staff and surrounding Denver community members appointed by the leadership of the Community College of Denver, Metropolitan State University, University of Colorado Denver and AHEC.

The advisory board was established by members of the Auraria Executives Council, comprised of leaders from the three campuses and the AHEC. AEC acts independently from ACPD.

“The members of the AEC agreed to assemble the advisory board to further strengthen the trust between the campus community and the Auraria Campus Police Department,” said Colleen Walker, AHEC chief executive officer. 

“Over the years, the ACPD has developed community outreach and engagement programs and implemented comprehensive officer training programs to foster an inclusive and accountable agency. This board will build upon the foundation of that work to provide fair, equitable, community-oriented services to the Auraria Campus community.”

Members of the advisory board are required to complete an orientation course with the ACPD, including a four-hour block of instruction and a four-hour ride-along with an ACPD officer.

Membership applications are due by midnight on Oct. 12 and available on the Auraria Campus website.

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