Vehicles roll through the Denver Elections Division curbside ballot drop-off outside Denver's City & County Building on Election Day, Nov. 5, 2019, in downtown Denver. 

The Association of Local Government Auditors has given Denver Auditor Timothy O’Brien’s office an award for its 2019 audit of Denver’s preschool program.

“I wanted to take a close look at the Denver Preschool Program because less than a year ago Denver voters approved even more dedicated taxes that the city will need to responsibly monitor,” O’Brien said. “Our office has a tradition of success and excellence, and we will continue to hold ourselves to the highest standards on every audit.”

The association’s Knighton Award honors excellence in auditing from cities, counties and school districts. This is the third such recognition since O’Brien took office in 2015. 

“The judges found the subject matter to be responsive to the needs and concerns of decision-makers and the public, and had the potential to be highly impactful,” the association found in its evaluation.

O’Brien’s office was given the title of “distinguished” in the category of “extra large audit shop,” defined as 16 or more auditors. The San Francisco controller’s office also received a “distinguished” recognition, and Toronto’s auditor general was named “exemplary” in the category. Before the coronavirus pandemic, the awards were scheduled to be given out at the association’s annual conference on May 4.

The preschool audit found $20 million in accumulated revenue and recommended that the city should have invested that money to bring in even greater funds for the program.

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