Denver Auditor Timothy O'Brien

Denver Auditor Timothy O'Brien

The art museum, the public library and the city’s public notice compliance are all slated for review under the Denver auditor’s 2020 agenda.

Per the city charter, Auditor Timothy O’Brien on Monday released an outline of 28 areas to investigate after receiving input from the public, and officials within Denver government.

“I work with my team to reach out to the mayor, City Council, city management and, of course, the people of Denver to ask what keeps them up at night,” O’Brien said. “Then, we try to determine what resources we have and where our work might do the most good.”

The topics to explore include Denver’s compliance with public notice requirements when it performs work that affects or disrupts residents. Also, the auditor will look into the city’s process for handling requests for information under the Colorado Open Records Act.

The Denver Public Library is another target for review, as O’Brien’s office would like to understand whether the organization can appropriately handle social services in addition to its core library functions. As of 2018, the library employed four social workers and multiple peer navigators to provide information and connection to services.

With an operating budget of $28 million, the Denver Art Museum will undergo an examination of its “efficiency, effectiveness, and financial operations,” and whether it is in compliance with its cooperative agreement with the city.

Denver’s charter empowers the auditor to perform financial and performance reviews, investigate financial transactions and contracts, and review entire accounting systems and procedures.

Other areas planned for audit next year include:

  • DIA construction and purchasing

  • Vulnerability to cyber attacks

  • Physical security of city buildings

  • Foster care

  • Sheriff’s Department construction

  • Seizures and auctions

  • Substance abuse initiatives

  • Recycling and composting

  • The new sidewalk repair program

  • Various technology systems, both hardware and software

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