museum rendering

A rendering of the Denver Art Museum and the Denver Public Library campus. (Photo courtesy of Denver Arts and Venues)

Denver Arts and Venues announced an open call Thursday for artists to create two new public art projects to be displayed in the city.

The first project will be displayed at the Denver Art Museum and Denver Public Library Central Branch campus. The commission is $600,000 and the applications are open internationally.

The second project will be displayed at the Congress Park pool and playground. The commission is $80,000 and the applications are limited to Colorado artists only.

The museum and library project is open to artwork of all media and materials suitable for outdoor display. Two-dimensional artwork will not be considered.

“The artwork(s) should create a unique and inspiring experience for the diverse communities that visit and enjoy the shared campus, and should be beacons or gateways for the community, drawing visitors to the space by engaging multiple senses through tactile, light and auditory components,” Denver Arts and Venues said in the announcement.

The announcement encourages artists to consider the context of the site in their artwork, pointing to racial injustice and a rising homeless population as local issues to draw inspiration from.

The Congress Park project is looking for artists who can integrate artwork into the built environment and the surrounding landscape.

“The artwork(s) should create an inspiring, joyful, safe and welcoming experience for the users of the pool, playground and park, enhancing the neighborhood culture, celebrating the public space and improving the urban playground through tactile, interactive and kinetic artworks,” the announcement said.

Artists can apply as individuals or as collaborative groups for both projects.

Selection panels will judge the applications. The museum and library panel is comprised of 14 voting members and the Congress Park panel has 11 voting members.

Artwork must also be approved by Denver's Public Art Committee to ensure it meets city standards of maintenance and durability.

The application deadline for both projects is Nov. 16 at 11:59 p.m. Up to five artists or teams will be selected as finalists in January. The winners will be announced in April.

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