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For the ninth year, the federal Drug Enforcement Administration is holding an anonymous and free prescription drug take-back event.

On Saturday, Oct. 26, all six Denver police districts will have drop boxes for opioids, other prescription drugs, and — new this year — vaping devices or cartridges. However, any lithium ion batteries must be removed from the devices before surrendering them.

The Denver Police Department noted that the boxes cannot handle needles or sharps, mercury thermometers, oxygen containers, chemotherapy or radioactive substances, illicit drugs, or pressurized canisters.

The DEA said that a total of 11 million tons of expired, unused or unwanted prescription medications since the take-back day’s inception. Last year, there were nearly 5,000 collection sites nationwide. The collection happens twice per year, and is the eighteenth event.

There are 192 sites statewide with varying hours of collection that the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment operates for drug take-backs. Vaping devices are not among the accepted items.

Drop boxes will be open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the following police stations:

  • District 1: 1311 West 46th Ave.

  • District 2: 3921 Holly St.

  • District 3: 1625 South University Blvd.

  • District 4: 2100 South Clay St.

  • District 5: 4685 Peoria St.

  • District 6: 1566 Washington St.

  • Police Administration Building: 1331 Cherokee St.

Editor's note: This story has been updated to reflect that while this is the ninth year of drug take-backs, this is the 18th event.

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