Brian Mason, the 17th Judicial District attorney for Adams and Broomfield counties

Brian Mason, the 17th Judicial District attorney for Adams and Broomfield counties, will read the story of a Coloradan who spent a decade in prison and faced what he believed to be racial bias in his sentencing and employment difficulties after he was released.

The reading Thursday will be streamed via Zoom at 6 p.m. Register by clicking here. There is no charge.

The series of monologues, in which public officials tell the story of injustices in Colorado, is held by the Boulder-based Motus Theater in partnership with district attorneys.

Mason will read the personal story of Juaquin Mobley, who is one of the theater’s JustUs monologists.

“As a leader within the criminal justice system, I strive to see it through the eyes of others,” Mason said in a statement. “The stories of the Motus JustUs project should serve as a guide for individuals in my position. For those of us who wish to improve upon the current system, we must embrace the experiences of others — positive and negative — in pursuit of a fair and equitable criminal justice system for all.”

Mason and Mobley will have a conversation as part of the program "during which they reflect upon the impact of the experience, both personally and professionally, and share any resulting insights."

The audience also will be able to ask them questions.

“As formerly incarcerated individuals, we rarely have a chance to tell our stories,” Mobley stated. “Motus Theater’s JustUs project has given us the opportunity to share aloud the truth that is not found in traditional media nor portrayed in the pervasive narratives of crime and justice.

"We welcome Brian Mason to sit in the circle with us, experience the system through our eyes and help to envision a new way of justice in this country.”

Read more about Mobley by clicking here.

The a cappella group Spirit of Grace, which tours with such national headliners as the Flobots from Denver, is expected to be part of the online performance.

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