Tina Peters in Las Vegas

Tina Peters, speaking at a Mike Lindell-sponsored conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, on July 12. That appearance prompted Mesa County District Attorney to seek revocation of her bond. Screenshot courtesy frankspeech.com

A Mesa County Court judge has ordered the bond for Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters revoked and issued a warrant for her arrest.

Mesa County District Attorney Dan Rubinstein sought the bond's revocation after Peters allegedly violated the terms of the bond by traveling to another state without first seeking permission from the court. 

In a motion filed with the court on July 11, Rubinstein's office said Peters was granted limited authority to travel, including out of state, while she was a candidate for secretary of state. Since she is no longer a candidate for that office, "Peters needs to be treated like all other criminal defendants on bond and needs to file a motion asking for a modification of her bond conditions, and get permission from the court prior to traveling."

The notice also claimed Peters had "evidenced through her travel prior to the election that she has the means to flee if she wants to."

District Court Judge Matthew Barrett, in a separate motion, said no further travel would be allowed until Peters resolved the objections raised by the district attorney. 

The evidence submitted by the district attorney is an electronic copy of a letter from Ms. Peters to the Colorado Secretary of State, dated July 12. That letter seeks a recount for the Secretary of State primary held on June 28.

The letter was notarized, as is required by law, but signed by a notary in Clark County, Nevada. Peters was in Las Vegas, for a conference for the Constitutional Sheriff’s and Peace Officer’s Association, the court document said. In addition, an investigator with the district attorney's office found an online video showing Peters speaking at that conference. 

Rubinstein's motion to revoke the $25,000 bond said Peters was not permitted to go to Las Vegas for two reasons. She never asked to go, and the July 11 motion stated Peters had to seek permission prior to any travel.

The motion added that "Peters was at the Mesa County Detention Facility with co-defendant Sandra Brown on July 11, 2022 at 5:00pm, nearly 5 hours after the court restricted any out of state travel."

As of close of business Wednesday, the Colorado Secretary of State's Office had not received Peters' request for a recount. 

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