Tay Anderson

DPS Director Tay Anderson

Denver Public Schools Director Tay Anderson on Friday was accused of sexual assault in an unsigned statement from BlackLivesMatter5280.

Saturday morning, Anderson denied the allegations.

The Friday morning BLM5280 post on Twitter and other social media platforms said a woman, who asked to remain anonymous, had come forward in February and asked for a public apology from Anderson and that he seek help. 

"The alleged victim's request are in alignment with restorative justice," a guiding value of the chapter, the tweet said.

And while no legal process has been sought, the tweet said they believed the alleged victim, including calling out those who have allegedly caused harm.

Anderson "would not be welcome to share space with BLM5280 physically" or on any of their platforms, the tweet said.

According to Robert Sanchez of the magazine 5280, Anderson initially said he would not comment on advice of counsel. 

That changed Saturday morning, when Anderson issued a statement denying the allegations.

In his tweet, Anderson said the BLM5280 statement does not include a first name, date or location of the alleged conduct, and that he was never contacted by BLM5280 about the alleged assault.

"I am unclear why BLM5280 thinks this approach is in the spirit of restorative/transformative justice as they claim," he said in the statement. 

Anderson called the allegation "gut-wrenching," adding "I have not sexually assaulted anyone. I am not aware of any actions of mine that could be considered or construed as sexual assault," nor of any past partners who would make that claim.

Until there is "more comprehensive information," he said he would not take the action requested by BLM5280 "or address conduct I have no knowledge of." He concluded that he looked forward to getting more information from those "directly impacted or their chosen representatives in whatever way they feel safe."

BLM5280 was founded in 2015 by Amy E. Brown, Rev. Dr. Dawn Riley Duval, and Dr. Bianca Williams, according to its website. The website does not identify its current leadership, although a Denverite article in 2020 said Brown is still its organizer. Some of its most recent efforts include organizing a rent relief effort, funded by the Colorado Trust. 

Anderson won an at-large seat on the Denver School Board in 2019, becoming the youngest director in history at 21 years old, and has filed to run for re-election in 2023. He previously worked as a legislative aide in the Colorado House. He has been a leader in the Black Lives Matter movement in the past year, leading peaceful protests at the state Capitol. 

BLM5280 did not respond to an email seeking further information.

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