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The Weld County Board of Commissioners, clockwise from top left: Steve Moreno, Kevin Ross, Mike Freeman, Barbara Kirkmeyer and Scott James.

All 33 divisions of government within Weld County have agreed on a framework to spend the jurisdiction’s $27.8 million received through the CARES Act, which provided funding for coronavirus-related expenditures.

The county itself will receive $13.2 million for its purchases of personal protective equipment as well as for operations of the health department, human and job services, jail and Office of Emergency Management.

“The county bears the brunt of the expense in a health emergency,” Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer said. “We know our municipalities have incurred costs as well, and it was important to make sure all of our municipalities were made whole after spending funds on COVID-19-related items.”

The county reported that it held a series of conference calls to develop the agreement, which was necessary before the release of funds. For the $12.3 million slated for municipalities, there will be a population-based allocation. Jurisdictions must use the money by Dec. 30. Instead of taking its own per capita share, Weld County will use the balance of $2.3 million to create a business relief fund. Upstate Colorado Economic Development provided assistance in the deliberations, and will create a funding application in the coming weeks.

As of June 24, Weld County announced a total of 90 deaths from COVID-19, a number that has not increased since June 1.

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