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Nearly nine in 10 employers offer partial or full teleworking during the pandemic, a late-July survey from the Colorado Chamber of Commerce has found.

Three-fifths of companies that responded said remote working has not affected their productivity. The remainder were evenly split between businesses experiencing an increase in productivity and a decrease.

Of the approximately 50 respondents to the survey conducted between July 27-29, 41% had fewer than 50 employees. Thirty-five percent had at least 250 workers. Of those companies allowing telework, one-third permit the practice for all or nearly all employees.

In a sampling of free responses from survey participants in various industries, many supported direct financial aid from government to businesses, either through the Paycheck Protection Program or other means. However, free responses did not extend that sentiment to workers, and echoed the position of congressional Republicans against extending the federally-funded enhancement of $600 per week in unemployment benefits, saying it provided a disincentive to return to work.

“Suddenly we were the bad guys because we offered them work and they could no longer collect” benefits, one employer wrote. Democrats have advocated continuing the modified payments as the United States continues to falter in preventing coronavirus deaths, which now stand in excess of 154,000.

Nearly two-thirds of businesses surveyed would like to see liability protections, by far the most desired policy item. Forty percent would like to see more funding for COVID-19 testing and small business loans.

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