Donated warehouse space for COVID-19 storage

Donated warehouse space to the State Emergency Operations Center. Photo from the Colorado Office of Emergency Management

Real estate and logistics company Prologis, Inc. has donated warehouse space totaling 64,491 square feet to the State Emergency Operations Center for storage and distribution of personal protective equipment during the pandemic.

“The private sector plays a critical role in the disaster response and recovery efforts of the state,” stated Colorado Office of Emergency Management Director Mike Willis.

The state has valued the donation at nearly $305,000. It took possession of the space on Tuesday and is in the process of moving COVID-19-related equipment from two other rented locations into the Prologis space.

"Through our Space for Good Program, we are in a unique position to contribute our platform of available assets in service to our communities,” said the company’s legal officer, Edward S. Nekritz.

A spokesperson for the state said the warehouse space is in the Denver metro area, but could not provide a specific location due to security concerns.

Prologis reports that it has donated 1.2 million square feet of space in 13 markets. The company also notes that online commerce has continued the demand for warehouse space, even as retail stores closed amid stay-at-home orders.

Earlier this month, CPR found that the state has spent in excess of $50 million on PPE, but there are still shortages, including for crucial N95 respirators for hospital personnel. The state is the supplier of last resort, with a Colorado State University laboratory testing the efficacy of equipment received.

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