Polis presser

Gov. Jared Polis speaks to reporters about the coronavirus pandemic response on Friday, April 17, 2020.

However Coloradans get their questions for voters to decide on the ballot in November, they won't do it online, according to the governor's office.

Something is in the works, but not that, the governor's office said Friday morning.

Colorado Politics received well-sourced tips Thursday that Gov. Jared Polis might sign an executive order allowing petition gathering electronically, since the COVID-19 outbreak has hindered the ability to get 124,632 valid signatures from registered voters (the number required to get a question on the ballot).

"As the Governor has previously indicated, he is committed to protecting Coloradans’ access to the ballot, and ensuring there are pathways for citizens to qualify ballot measures and to qualify as candidates for office, even now during this pandemic," the governor's office replied in an email to Colorado Politics, which first asked Thursday afternoon.

"He is actively weighing the best path forward for how to ensure citizens have various avenues to circulate and sign petitions safely, while ensuring equivalent effort for signors to qualify measures and candidates for the November ballot as what is currently required. The Governor is actively exploring options that we believe are allowable under the Constitution and is not pursuing an all-electronic form of signature gathering. Our office will have more to share soon."

A leading state Republican and Denver sources told Colorado Politics this week that Polis asked political players to weigh in on a proposal the governor is considering to permit ballot initiative campaigns to collect petition signatures electronically to gain access to the ballot.

Staff writer Ernest Luning contributed to this story. This story was corrected to say Colorado Politics first reached out to the governor's office on Thursday, not Wednesday.

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