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Dean Lawton, left, of Caerus Operating LLC, and Quint Shear of Shear Inc., members of the West Slope Colorado Oil and Gas Association, volunteer to drive for the Food Bank of the Rockies West Slope.

The oil and gas industry is dealing with per-barrel prices and regulations that are raiding its own coffers, but it's still putting food on the table for Coloradans ponying up more than $10,000 for the Food Bank of the Rockies over the past month.

Members of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association and West Slope Colorado Oil and Gas Association raised more the money with small, individual donations.

“Times are tough for all of us, especially in the oil and gas industry, but it’s important to stand up and help our neighbors and friends in their times of need,” said Dan Haley, president and CEO of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association, said in a statement Wednesday. “Food Bank of the Rockies posted on their Facebook page that they anticipated taking a major hit as a result of this pandemic. People need to have access to food. It’s one of our most basic needs. It made sense to quickly organize a grassroots fundraiser for this amazing organization that provides nutrition and food across the state.

“The generosity of the men and women of this industry never ceases to amaze me.”

The Food Bank of the Rockies serves more than 30 counties in Colorado in collaboration with dozens of local partners.

“Oil and natural gas industry employees are quick to answer the call to help in times of need," stated Chelsie Miera, executive director of West Slope Colorado Oil and Gas Association. "This is yet another example of how our gracious men and women work to support their neighbors and communities even as each of us are focusing on keeping our families safe and businesses running. We see acts of kindness each day to support our most vulnerable,” “And supporting a critical group like the Food Bank of the Rockies was a great way to focus our efforts.”

Learn more about donating to the food bank by clicking here.

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