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Cyclists in Denver have more places to ride than ever, with the city investing millions to get get people out of their cars.

Lime, the company that operates scooter- and bike-sharing programs, will redeploy bicycles in Denver’s “food deserts,” which are most typically low-income neighborhoods, beginning on Friday.

Denverite reports that the cost to rent the bikes will be $1 per half hour, and that they will eventually be available on both the Lime and Uber apps. JUMP, which previously rented bicycles through the Uber app, was bought by Lime earlier this month.

Nico Probst, director of government relations for Lime, told Denverite that Denver is the first city to restart the bike sharing program since multiple companies withdrew their vehicles from cities around the country as the pandemic spread. Lime anticipates that fear of COVID-19 infection may lead people to rethink outdoor transportation options. The suspicion may be valid: the Regional Transportation District disclosed on Thursday that a survey of its ridership indicated that taking RTD buses and trains was viewed as a relatively risky activity in the absence of a vaccine.

“Now when those touches occur, our operations staff are actually wiping them down with Center for Disease Control-approved chemicals and the right cleaning protocols are met based on the CDC guidelines,” said Probst. “Our team has also been given all of the correct (personal protective equipment), so they are ensuring that they’re doing their part in not helping the spread go any farther.”

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