Kristin Strohm

Kristin Strohm, president and CEO of the Common Sense Institute.

Moms continue to bear the brunt of Colorado's volatile job market, according to new research from the Common Sense Institute, which calls the recession a "shesession" as a result.

Labor force participation rate for women with kids fell from 79.8% to 71.8% from February to July in Colorado, while women without kids fell only one percentage point below its February level.

"This could be evidence that the costs associated with childcare, averaging $15,325 annually in the US, along with parental demands of remote learning in schools, are influencing more mothers to remove themselves from the labor force," surmised the researchers.

All other groups, including men with and without children, have seen at least partial rebounds, if not full recoveries, from previous lows.

“The simple fact is that cannot fully recover our economy without a real plan for childcare and education as these jobs in the home tend to fall on women,” the business think tank's president and CEO, Kristin Strohm, said in a statement. “The siren call continues. COVID-19 could reverse a generation of progress for Colorado women. In the last two weeks our nation’s two largest political parties have staged conventions to win the hearts and minds of voters.

"A large part of that fight should be getting women back in the labor force. Sidelining women from the workforce never made sense before. It makes even less sense now.”

The private sector added 23,000 jobs in July, though state government employment dropped by more than 17,000 jobs, for a net of 6,000 additional jobs, helping drop the official state unemployment rate to drop from just over to 10% to 7.4%.

Read full report by clicking here.

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