Activate Workplace Solutions

Helen Young Hayes, the founder and CEO of Activate Workplace Solutions, talks with Dan Kaskubar, the firm's chief operating officer.

Colorado Concern announced a partnership Wednesday with the Denver-based professional placement and coaching firm Activate Workforce Solutions.

“We are beyond impressed by the social return on investment that Activate already is generating and by its limitless potential," Mike Kopp, president and CEO of Colorado Concern, said in a statement. "The Activate team, put simply, is changing lives. They provide business leaders with talented new workers and then mentor them throughout their first year at a company. It’s a powerful formula.”

The company aims to find underemployed workers, mentor them and then connect them to jobs that could support a middle-class lifestyle.

The alliance of Colorado business executives will steer CEOs and peers to Activate, Kopp said.

"Together we can help them reach their virtuous goal of placing 200 individuals in career-path jobs a year,” he stated.

Activate has been around since 2016, working with such clients as Denver Health and FirstBank, including screening, coaching and retention.

“Our mission is to help individuals achieve and activate their full potential through the dignity of work. Work is the only sustainable and dignifying antidote to poverty, and there is simply no wealth creation machine like business,” Helen Young Hayes, Activate's CEO and founder, said in a statement.

Hayes said the partnership with Colorado Concern would elevate its job placement services statewide "to vault individuals from low-wage jobs to middle-class careers, building stronger and healthier families, companies, and communities.”

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