This week on Colorado Politicking, legislative reporter Pat Poblete and political correspondent Ernest Luning discuss Reps. Joe Neguse, D-Lafayette, and Lauren Bobert, R-Silt, being drawn into the same legislative district and the latest from the campaign trail. Meanwhile, judicial reporter Michael Karlik previews three cases the state Supreme Court is set to take up when it returns next week.

The new draft congressional map, released Sept. 3, incorporates the "southern district" concept, built around the idea of empowering rural Hispanic and Native American Coloradans, after several organizations criticized the preliminary draft map, released in June, because of how it handled minority communities.

The map also resets the table for congressional incumbents watching closely how the districts they represent now will be redrawn. Notably, the new draft congressional map would put Boebert into a Democratic-leaning district with Neguse.

"They both treated it as something that might actually happen — though it's not going to — and both tried to make hay with it," Luning said, noting the Silt Republican indicated she would move and run in a different district.

"Boebert claimed that the Democrats wanted to get her out of office so bad, they were drawing her into a district that contained Boulder and Neguse has sent out a half-dozen fundraising appeals saying, 'Look who we may be facing next time, Lauren Boebert, who has a million followers on Twitter and can raise thousands of dollars with a single tweet.'"

Luning also noted that Rose Pugliese, the Republican rumored to run against Democratic Secretary of State Jena Griswold, announced this week she won't be running for anything.

"It leaves (Republicans) in a difficult situation because not only is there no one else who's running for secretary of state or appears ready to step up, they don't have a candidate for any of the other statewide offices except for governor," he said. 

Karlik highlighted three cases — on court proceedings on driving under the influence, when someone is under arrest in the eyes of the law, and racial prejudice in jury selection — when the state Supreme Court returns next week.

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