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As the longest election season in living memory nears the finish line, we thought readers would enjoy a quiz about some of the quirkier aspects and more of the political ups and downs experienced by candidates, campaigns and Coloradans.

From a barn-burner of a U.S. Senate race and the state's first presidential primary in two decades to gun-toting restaurant owner Lauren Boebert's surprising win in the 3rd Congressional District's Republican primary, the stretch from the aftermath of the 2018 election to the 2020 vote had it all. Find a link to the answers here:

TRAIL MIX | 20 Answers for 2020

1. The Democratic field for Colorado's U.S. Senate seat was the largest in state history, with as many as 22 candidates tossing their hats in the ring, if only briefly in some cases, while another half dozen prominent politicians pondered getting in. Which of the following didn't at least get his or her toes wet in the race?

  • A. Former House Speaker Crisanta Duran
  • B. Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce exec Denise Burgess
  • C. State Sen. Angela Williams
  • D. Broncos legend John Elway

2. Which political party achieved status as a minor party in Colorado last fall, after amassing at last 1,000 members?

  • A. The Boiling Frog Party
  • B. The Birthday Party
  • C. The Approval Voting Party
  • D. The Fancy Dress Party

3. Possibly still stinging from U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet's epic speech on the floor of the Senate during the federal government shutdown early last year, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz greeted news that Bennet had made his presidential run official by comparing the Democrat's campaign to which '90s-era TV show?

  • A. "The X-Files," because "he should trust no one"
  • B. "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," because "he's going to need a lifeline"
  • C. "Seinfeld," because it's "about nothing"
  • D. "Friends," because "he'll be there for you"

4. While still a presidential candidate, Bennet marked the anniversary of his viral floor speech by releasing what branded campaign merchandise on his website?

  • A. Your very own Ted Cruz crocodile tears water bottle
  • B. Replicas of the pen Bennet jabbed the air with throughout the 24-minute speech
  • C. A barbecue apron with a picture of Cruz, recalling the hashtag #BarbecuedCruz used by actor Mark Hamill in a tweet praising the speech
  • D. A commemorative DVD featuring the speech for voters who lack an internet connection

5. Shortly before being elected chairman of the Colorado GOP last year, U.S. Rep. Ken Buck promised that he would make the state's Democrats do what?

  • A. "Make it sportsmanlike by spotting us a few points"
  • B. "Learn how to spell 'recall' "
  • C. "Watch that Dinesh D'Souza movie until they change their ways"
  • C. "Admit they're socialists at heart"

6. In a hard-hitting campaign ad that mocked her Republican opponent, Lauren Boebert said U.S. Rep. Tipton was an honorary member of which group?

  • A. The Aspen Yacht Club
  • B. The Squad
  • C. The Powderpuff Girls
  • D. The Spearmint Rhino Gentleman's Club

7. During his February rally in Colorado Springs, President Donald Trump spent a few moments sharing his thoughts on South Korean film "Parasite" winning Best Picture at the Academy Awards. What did he say?

  • A. “We’ve got enough problems with South Korea, with trade. On top of it, they give them the best movie of the year? Was it good? I don’t know.”
  • B. "Did you hear the story about the doctor that pulled a four-foot tapeworm out of that kid's stomach? Everyone in the operating room fainted. They'd never seen such a thing."
  • C. "I want everyone to go see that South Korean movie because it's about a very important topic, tensions between those with more money and those with less. We want everyone to have more money."
  • D. "I used to like movies with subtitles, but now I prefer them dubbed."

8. Soon after he announced his presidential campaign, former Gov. John Hickenlooper took part in a CNN town hall, where he related a story that dominated coverage of the event. What was it?

  • A. He referred to his lieutenant governor, Joe Garcia, as a sex symbol when he meant to call him a "rock star"
  • B. When he was home from college in the early 1970s, he took his mother to see the pornographic film "Deep Throat," since neither knew what an X-rated movie was
  • C. He once played banjo with Jerry Garcia of Grateful Dead fame
  • D. He once staged a "running of the pigs" in an alley behind the Wynkoop Brewing Co., but after animal rights activists complained, he changed it to the "pampering of the pigs"

Match the congressional candidates with his or her slogan

9. Casper Stockham

10. Shane Bolling

11. Jaime Kulkowski

12. Steve House

  • A. Make Colorado Brave Again!
  • B. 100% Unhyphenated American
  • C. Far better it is to dare mighty things, Than to take rank with those poor, Timid spirits who know neither Victory nor defeat
  • D. Be bold. Look forward

13. Which of the following phrases did Lauren Boebert not say when asked what she thought of "Q" on the QAnon-aligned "Steel Truth" show?

  • A. "Everything I've heard of Q — I hope this is real"
  • B. "I'm not a follower"
  • C. "it only means America is getting stronger and better, and people are returning to conservative values, and that's what I am for"
  • D. "If this is real, then it could be really great for our country"

14. In the weeks leading up to the primary, Hickenlooper came under fire when a video surfaced of him comparing the relationship between politicians and their schedulers to what?

  • A. waiters at a diner and short-order cooks
  • B. mothers unwittingly accompanying their college-age sons to an X-rated movie
  • C. galley slaves and their whip-wielding slave drivers
  • D. queen bees and drones

15. Cory Gardner's campaign edited one of its first TV commercials when it turned out it displayed what?

  • A. An iconic view of the Grand Canyon rather than Colorado scenery
  • B. The American Automobile Association's logo on a storefront door
  • C. A Hickenlooper bumper sticker on a passing car
  • D. An actual over-caffeinated hamster

16. During an interview with the Aspen Daily News editorial board, Boebert compared the Trump administration's child separation policy to what?

  • A. The Colorado River Compact
  • B. The time she didn't pay a traffic ticket and was "separated from [her] kids for about an hour"
  • C. The time she opened her restaurant in defiance of a public health order
  • D. The time authorities detained teens for underage drinking at a music festival

17. Which of the following Democratic politicians has not played Cory Gardner in debate prep?

  • A. Former state Sen. Mike Johnston
  • B. Former state Senate President Brandon Shaffer
  • C. Former state House Speaker Andrew Romanoff
  • D. State Senate Majority Leader Steve Fenberg

18. Cory Gardner's TV commercials featured several Democratic politicians. Which of the following did not appear in a Gardner ad?

  • A. U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet
  • B. Former President Barack Obama
  • C. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders
  • D. Former President John F. Kennedy

19. 9News anchor Kyle Clark said that what was "actually horse excrement"?

  • A. Claims that Colorado's all-mail ballot system leads to widespread fraud
  • B. Gardner's 117-word bill purporting to guarantee insurance coverage for people with preexisting conditions
  • C. Polls that showed "Bozo the Clown" winning Colorado's presidential primary
  • D. The time Hickenlooper kept forgetting to unmute himself during a Zoom call with 9News political reporter Marshall Zelinger

20. Which of the following did not happen on the night of Oct. 1, 2020?

  • A. Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold asked the press to delay calling the election until all results were in, then reversed herself and apologized
  • B. The Daily Wire reported that President Trump said that McDonald's french fries are the secret to his "majestic head of hair"
  • C. A former friend of Melania Trump released a recording of the first lady ranting about how much she disliked Christmas ornaments
  • D. News broke that White House aide Hope Hicks had tested positive for the coronavirus
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